St. Mark Passion

J.S. Bach – St. Mark Passion
巴赫 – 聖馬可受難曲

 23 June 2019 (Sunday) 8:00pm 
二零一九年六月廿三日 (星期日) 晚上八時正

Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall

Program 曲目
J.S. Bach’s St. Mark Passion (reconstruction by Robert Koolstra) 

Artists 演出者 

Soloists 獨唱

Soprano 女高音
Stefanie Quintin

Mezzo-Soprano 女中音
Samantha Chong 張吟晶 

Tenor, Evangelist  男高音, 傳道者
Stephen Ng 吳智誠

Bass, Jesus 男低音, 耶穌
Caleb Woo 胡永正

Conductor 指輝 
Jerome Hoberman 何博文

Assistant Conductor & Choirmaster 助理指揮兼合唱指導 
William Chung 鍾偉亮 

The Hong Kong Bach Choir 香港巴赫合唱團

The Hong Kong Bach Orchestra 香港巴赫管弦樂團

Introduction 簡介


A “Lost” Work by J. S. Bach Receives its Hong Kong Première

It isn’t often that performers get to premiere a work by Johann Sebastian Bach, but The Hong Kong Bach Choir and Orchestra, under the direction of Jerome Hoberman, will do just that on Sunday, 23rd June 2019 at 8:00 p.m. at City Hall Concert Hall, in Central.

Bach’s Passion According to St. Mark, long thought to be lost and unrecoverable, will be given its Hong Kong premiere in a reconstruction by Dutch harpsichordist Robert Koolstra.

Bach’s St. Matthew and St. John Passions are considered among the greatest masterpieces of this great master – sometimes called “the father of classical music” – and are frequently performed. But it turns out that Bach may have composed as many as five Passion settings. The music to the St. Mark Passion was lost, but its libretto survived, enabling scholars to embark on a musical treasure hunt, based on a little-known feature of Bach’s compositional method.

At the time when the St. Mark Passion was first performed – Good Friday 1731 – Bach had begun to re-use earlier music of his as the basis for new works. The words of the libretto fit the music of one particular cantata, the so-called Trauerode, which Bach wrote for a memorial service for the wife of the Elector of Saxony and King of Poland – obviously, a one-off performance. Scholars were able to form a consensus that this cantata was the basis of the St. Mark Passion.

Using similar techniques of fitting the rhythms of the words to possible musical sources among earlier Bach works, they came up with conjectures about the music – by Bach himself – of all the remaining movements, leaving only the prose narrative from chapters 14 and 15 of the St. Mark’s Gospel to be newly composed. This is where most of the various available editions differ from each other.

The Bach Choir performance of the St. Mark Passion is part of a unique dual event: one month later, the same work will be presented, using a different reconstruction and in a different format, by another leading Hong Kongensemble: SingFest.

The two productions will enable the Hong Kong audience to experience this major work by a composer often thought of as the “Father of Classical Music” in two very different ways: the Bach Choir and Orchestra presentation will be a concert version using a relatively large choir and orchestra, with modern instruments playing at modern pitch, while the July offering by SingFest will be staged and will employ a chamber choir and instrumental ensemble playing on “period” instruments, using lowered pitch.

Each performance has some claims to “authenticity,” as Bach’s own performances of his Passions were unstaged “dramas of the imagination” given in churches, but used small ensembles (perhaps even only one or two singers per part) and, obviously, instruments of his own day.

Soloists in the Bach Choir performance are tenor Stephen Ng as the Evangelist, baritone Caleb Woo as Jesus, as well as soprano Stefanie Quintin and mezzo-soprano Samantha Chong.

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