Assistant Conductorship

The brainchild of Music Director Jerome Hoberman, the Assistant Conductorship is a relatively new initiative that was established in 2017. The apprenticeship runs yearly from August/September to June. It is a unique opportunity for young conductors that combines training, performance, and career development, under the guidance of the Music Director.

Assistant Conductors will have the opportunity to work with a seasoned large choral ensemble, study and conduct a wide range of repertoire, including new commissioned pieces, and gain podium experience. There will also be opportunities to conduct different types of performances, including season concerts, workshops, and other more casual events.

Past beneficiaries have gone on to pursue further studies abroad at very selective conducting programmes.

How to Apply

  • A short bio required
  • Resume required

Please send your application to

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a rehearsal session to audition with the Music Director and the Choir. Depending on scheduling and other factors, this might take 2 – 4 weeks.

Successful candidates will then be notified via email, and will start the apprenticeship the following season.