Gubaidulina: Canticle of the Sun

The Canticle of the Sun is based on a 13th-century religious poem by St. Francis of Assisi thought to be perhaps the first literary work written in Italian. BBC Music Magazine reported, “…the Canticle is not so much a concerto-like conversation as a follow-my-leader mystical journey in glorification of the creator, the elements, life and eventually death…”

Performing the demanding, virtuosic cello part is the outstanding young Icelandic cellist Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir, an Affiliate Artist of Carnegie Hall, whose playing has been called “charismatic” and “riveting” by The New York Times.


演奏曲中艱深而超卓的大提琴段落的,是來自冰島的優秀青年大提琴好手Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir,她是紐約卡奈基音樂廳的特約藝術家,其演奏曾獲《紐約時報》稱許為「魅力非凡」及「引人入勝」。

Date & Time 日期 與 時間
4 December 2017 (Monday) 8 p.m.  二零一七年十二月四日(星期一)晚上八時正

Venue 地點
Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Concert Hall  香港文化中文音樂廳

Artists 演出者

Soloist 獨奏
Sæunn Thorsteinsdottir, cello 大提琴

Jerome Hoberman, conductor  何博文 指揮
Rex Man, conductor  文柏渝 指揮
Alex Wong, piano  黃歷琛 鋼琴
Felix Suen, piano  孫梓浩 鋼琴
The Hong Kong Bach Choir  香港巴赫合唱團

Tickets 票務

Tickets Available: 6 November 2017  門票開售日期:二零一七年十一月六日
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Ticket Reservation 電話訂票: 3761 6661
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